Please vote!!!

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Oh my goodness – remember the picture that I submitted to the 5 Minutes for Mom “The Kid in You” Photo Contest? The goofy one of Ron riding the little pink princess bike?

Yep, that one.

It’s been chosen as a finalist!

Wow, and from looking at the other (incredible) 19 finalists, I can say it’s truly an honor.

And I know it’ll be hard to choose which picture to vote for.

But (insert shameless begging for votes here), I would absolutely love to win this!

So, please vote – and if you do, please consider voting for me, ok?

Because even though it’s early on in the voting, so far I’m winning I’m only in 3rd place – and I would so love to win a Wii for our family… 🙂

You can vote by going here before Monday, June 9th at noon EDT.

Thank you!