Refreshing Our Back-To-School Routine with Healthy Essentials #Moms4JNJConsumer #sponsored

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This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Sending the kids off to school nowadays isn’t exactly the same for us as it was even a couple of years ago. With a teen and a tween in the house, so much has changed including the amount of time it takes for them to get ready in the morning. Both of my older girls take the early bus in the mornings now – Abbi is in middle school (8th grade, gasp) and Hannah’s 6th grade music classes (band and choir) take place during ‘Zero Hour’ which essentially adds an extra class hour onto the beginning of her elementary school day. Because they’re getting up (very!) early, they try to streamline everything they need to do in order to get themselves out the door, but there are just some things that can’t be skipped or missed.

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Like deodorant, for example… Trying to get these girls to remember to use deodorant, each and every single day, is a much bigger task than I ever anticipated. I seem to remember being excited to be old enough to need to use it, so I don’t think I fought it all that much, but both Abbi and Hannah seem to need constant reminders. And when they forget… Ugh.

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And then there’s the fact that both of their faces are starting to break out here and there. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood, we received some very products that are going to help with that, but trying to get the girls to use them is about equivalent to trying to get a toddler to pick up his or her toys – lots of pushback and whining. It’ll probably take something like a major breakout to get them to see the importance – but I’m glad that we’re prepared when that day comes with Neutrogena® Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit (a twice-daily cleanser that helps keep unseen acne from emerging) and Clean & Clear ® ADVANTAGE® Acne Spot Treatment, which clears existing pimples by reducing them in size, swelling and redness in only a few hours (and won’t over-dry skin).

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The one thing that seems to take them the longest in the mornings? One word – hair. Or rather, it depends on the kid. Abbi has a short-ish haircut now that looks super cute and is very easy to manage. All she does is run a brush through her hair and arrange her bangs the way she wants, and she’s good to go in the mornings, easy-peasy. Hannah, on the other hand, has cultivated her long hair for several years now, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she has my hair texture – thick, wavy hair with a lot of curl and frizz. It takes her some time to brush through it all (even with detangler spray) and then she has to decide how to wear her hair that day and style it accordingly. Which takes forever.

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I’m glad that we have a few years still before Becca will be taking the early bus with her sisters, because with only one bathroom for all of us, there’s already some *discussion* over who gets in there when in the mornings. I can only imagine what it’ll be like when all three of them need to get ready at once! Thankfully since I work at home, I can wait to shower and get ready after the girls are all gone for the day, when I have the bathroom to myself with peace and quiet to get my shower, and wash my face with my AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® Skin Brightening Daily Scrub (cleanses and exfoliates to improve skin tone, texture and clarity). I haven’t seen the need (yet) to try out the RoC® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, but with three teen and pre-teen girls in the house, I have the feeling that day is coming – sooner than I would like.

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