Review and Giveaway: OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp (CLOSED)

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Although I absolutely love spending time outside with the girls, we’ve run into a bit of an issue. During the day it’s usually very hot and humid here in Michigan in the summertime. So we like to wait until late afternoon when the sun’s not quite so bright and play into the early evening when it’s much cooler out and more comfortable. Except – that’s when the bugs tend to come out. From fireflies to mosquitoes – we live near a lake and the overall dampness and shady aspect of our backyard are perfect breeding grounds for those annoying little flying and crawling things.

This summer has been especially bad for mosquitoes in our yard – the girls actually got bitten more playing outside at home more than they did after spending all day outside on the Fourth of July. And of course there’s the concern about West Nile Virus, so we’ve taken to avoiding the backyard during the times when we normally would be able to enjoy it the most. But there’s hope – thanks to the new OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp.

What it is:

nav_logo The OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp and Lantern is a new way to turn a large outdoor space into a mosquito-free zone, with a pleasant, warm glow for outdoor parties. With “more repelling power than 15 citronella candles or buckets combined” (according to their website), it deters mosquitoes from an area up to 225 square feet, about the size of an average deck or patio. Each lamp or lantern uses a combination of a candle and pad to repel bugs for up to 4 hours – and is also refillable. The way it works is that the heat from the candle activates the repellant pad, keeping mosquitoes away. The Lantern is similar to the Lamp, but includes a convenient 4-foot pole so that you can place it anywhere in your yard.


Courtesy of SC Johnson and the Family Review Network, we received an OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp to try out and review.

Here’s my take on it:

To begin with, I absolutely hate using bug repellant. So much so that I avoid the sprays as much as possible, and don’t use them on my kids unless we’re in a desperate situation. Which means that we haven’t been getting nearly the enjoyment out of our backyard as we should be. So I was very curious to see if this product would help.

Ironically, we had just taken down our back deck before receiving this, so couldn’t try it out in what would be a more typical situation. But what we spend most of our time doing in the backyard is playing – especially on the swingset and little patio. So I put the Off! PowerPad Lamp up on the swingset platform – that we don’t use very often right now anyway, and took the girls outside to play.

Having the lamp up out of reach was a necessity since I didn’t want the kids too close to it, given that it does use a candle flame and the top of the lamp can get hot. I think the lantern option would probably be more useful in our situation since I could then place it anywhere I wanted in the yard. I like that you can use this product as long as you wish to and then simply blow out the candle and save the rest of the four hours for another time. And it definitely seemed to work – nobody reported any mosquito bites either after we came back inside or the next day. We haven’t been in the yard in the evening since, but will definitely plan on using this again when we are.

My only real concerns mainly have to do with my general dislike of bug repellants. Even though there’s no discernible smell while the Off PowerPad Lamp is in use, I still just feel nervous knowing that there are pesticides in the air.

The bottom line:

The OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp is an effective and easy way to keep from getting ‘eaten alive’ while enjoying your outside spaces. Whether you are entertaining or simply hanging out in the yard, having the reassurance of knowing that you and your guests will be safe from mosquitoes is definitely a good thing. And this product covers a greater area than citronella candles or torches, meaning fewer open flames to worry about.

Where can you find it?:

You can purchase the OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp wherever other OFF! bug repellant products are sold, and on Amazon.

Would you like to try it?:

Thanks to SC Johnson, I have the opportunity to give away an OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp to a lucky reader! If you’d like to keep your family mosquito bite-free while outside, here are the rules:

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Good luck!  :)

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – the random number generator has chosen comment #14 as the winner:


Congratulations to Christy H. (no blog) who said, “I’m outside EVERY day working in my garden … watering, weeding, harvesting … early in the morning and early in the afternoon ~ right when the mosquitos are most active. 🙁“! I will be e-mailing you shortly to work out the details.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway. No payment or compensation, other than product samples as described above, was received for this post.