Review and Giveaway: Schlage Electronic Keypad Lock

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Have you ever fumbled for your keys, searching in the dark just to find the right one that will let you into your house? Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? Do you keep a spare key hidden somewhere outside to ensure that you won’t be able to lock yourself out, or to allow others to access your house when you’re not home? Do you keep a house key with a neighbor or friend, “just in case”?

Do you really know where all of the keys to your house are and who has access to them?

Or would you like to have a way to ensure that you could let the people who need to access your house into it while keeping everyone else out – without having to keep track of keys…

Schlage, trusted partner in home and business security for 85 years, now offers a product that can help you manage your home security much more easily than ever before!

Mom Central recently surveyed over a thousand people in their Mom community about home safety and locks, and the responses were nothing short of amazing. A few stats that came to light were:

  • 80% of Mom respondents reported that stories of local crimes encourage them to rethink their current locks.
  • 70% of Moms have given keys to people who are not members of the household and when asked to consider how many non-residents have keys to their homes, 86% reported feeling at least moderately concerned.
  • 84% of Moms have experienced a child, babysitter, or housekeeper entering a designated “off-limits” area in the home, sometimes with serious consequences.
  • Almost half (48%) of survey Moms said they would like to leave a spare key hidden outside of the house but don’t feel comfortable doing so.
  • 84% of respondents reported that house members have been locked out of their home at least a couple times per year.

Courtesy of Mom Central, my family was able to try out a Schlage Electronic Keypad Lock.

What it is:

Schlage’s electronic keypad locks give you full access to your house, just by using a four-digit entry code. The locks come in several different styles to fit the needs of every homeowner. You can use the keypad deadbolt locks on your exterior doors, or the keypad entry locks for any interior door in your home or office. Various styles and finishes are also available.

The locks work very simply – a lighted keypad (numbered from 0 to 9) gives you an easy way to enter your code. Locks can hold up to 19 separate four-digit codes, and codes can be added or deleted at any time.  If you aren’t comfortable programming your own codes, the locks do come preset with two user codes straight out of the box.

Here’s my take on it:

My husband is the designated ‘installer’ of things at our house. He had replaced all of the exterior knobs and locks when we bought the house, so is familiar with the mechanism of a deadbolt and how it works. Therefore, he was the one to install our sample lock.

The style that we were sent is a ‘Plymouth‘ keyless deadbolt lock, in a ‘Bright Brass’ finish to match the rest of our knobs and locks. It is intended to replace a standard deadbolt lock on an exterior door already equipped with a knob (you can also purchase the locks and knobs as sets if you want your deadbolt to exactly match the doorknob).

We have two exterior doors on our home (not including a couple of sliding glass doors on the back). Our front door already has a deadbolt above the knob, but the other door, which is located next to our garage door and accesses the garage, did not. In fact, the knob had never worked very well and the door did not latch. The idea that someone could enter our garage if he or she realized that the door could be opened at any time had caused me a great deal of worry since we moved in, and so it was an easy decision that the Schlage lock would be installed on this door.

Here’s a photo of the door, after the existing knob was removed…


Since the door was not pre-drilled for a deadbolt, we had a choice to make. Rather than drill out a new hole above the existing knob and add the deadbolt lock there, we decided to simply replace the knob with the deadbolt. And this actually works surprisingly well for us – especially since it’s a door that we don’t necessarily use on a daily basis.

Given that the job involved making sure that the new deadbolt lock would actually latch correctly, the process was a bit more intensive than it would normally be. I asked my husband what he thought of the installation and he said that it wasn’t any more difficult to install than an ordinary doorknob, and would normally take no more than the 30 minutes that the instructions suggest. However, he would recommend reading the instructions before you begin.  🙂

RonPuttingInSchlageLock_007 –   RonPuttingInSchlageLock_006

The lock works incredibly well. We’ve programmed a few of our own codes into it, and the process is extremely easy. There’s a 6-digit ‘pin’ number that you need in order to program the lock – it’s listed on the owner’s manual, and I’ve written it down in a few other places as well so that we don’t forget or lose it. With the ‘pin’ number, it’s just a matter of a few simple steps to add or delete codes as you need them. The lock is powered by a 9-volt battery, and does come with a pair of keys to use if you need or want to.

I’ve found it very handy to be able to just punch in a quick code and access my garage (and therefore my house), without having to deal with keys – especially in the dark. I also have taken advantage of the option to program codes in for a temporary need as well. Earlier this week we had several (ahem, 19 or so)  boxes that needed to be picked up by UPS. The boxes were stacked in our garage. Rather than move all of them out onto the front porch, I simply left a note for the UPS driver asking him to call my cell phone when he arrived. When I received his call, I gave him a 4-digit lock code that I’d created just for this occasion, and he was easily able to access our garage and load the boxes onto his truck. Then I simply deleted that particular code when I got home.

The bottom line:

Home security is an important issue that every homeowner needs to address. Schlage’s electronic locks are an excellent solution that offer a secure way to control access to your home, without having to keep track of multiple copies of keys. If you think that an access code may have been inappropriately shared or compromised – you can simply delete it.  I am thankful to know that our home is once again secure from unwanted entry.

Where can you find it?:

Schlage products are available at a variety of online or ‘brick-and-mortar’ home improvement or hardware retailers in the US and Canada. You can find a location near you by using the locator available on their website. The locks retail for around $100 to $150, depending on the store and location.

Would you like to try it?:

Two lucky winners will be able to try a Schlage electronic lock of their own! I have a couple of exterior deadbolt locks identical to the sample one we received (Plymouth style in Bright Brass finish) to give away.

Here are the rules:

  1. Enter by leaving a comment on this post and tell me your best ‘locked out’ story. Please don’t just say ‘choose me’, or your entry will be discarded.
  2. The contest will run until Saturday, July 5th at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be selected through random drawing and contacted by e-mail, listed on this post and also submitted to PRIZEY.Fetch.
  3. Please leave a valid e-mail address or other way to contact you! If you don’t wish to leave your e-mail address, please make sure that you leave a unique name and check back with PRIZEYWinners to see if you won. If the winner hasn’t responded within 3 days, an alternate winner will be chosen by random drawing.
  4. If you’d like an extra entry or two, you can either subscribe to my RSS feed (click on the orange icon in the upper right sidebar), or mention this contest on your blog with a link back to this post – or both. Please leave an extra comment on this post for each of the extra entry options that you choose, letting me know – for a total of 3 comments if you do both extra entry options.

Good luck! 🙂

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – Thank you to everyone who entered!

The random number generator has chosen the winners:

Congratulations to BOTB and Reiza! I’ll be sending you each an e-mail shortly to work out the details so I can get the locks to you.

Re-Visiting this review (January 2010):

We’ve had this lock installed for about 1-1/2 years now and I absolutely love it. Knowing that our garage is so much more secure is wonderful peace of mind when I leave the house, and I don’t have to waste electricity (and time) to raise the whole big garage door if I just need to run back inside for something. We’ve used it to give a code to family members or friends so they can get into the house through the garage if we’re not home, and I’ve created an code that’s easy for our girls to remember, just in case I’m running late and am not home when their bus drops them off from school. It’s so nice to know that they can still get into the house and won’t ever be stuck sitting outside wondering when I’ll get home to let them in.

I have a friend who has one of these too, on their front door. She’s told me that they’ve gone from hardly ever using that door, to using it all the time, just because of having this lock and not having to dig a key out from a pocket or off a keychain at night or with hands full of stuff. Neither of us has needed to change the battery on our locks yet either, so I’m confident that the battery will literally last for years. I am planning to have my husband install a second Schlage electronic keypad lock on our front door this summer.


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