School’s out for the summer!

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Where did this school year go? I swear just yesterday I was all worried about Abbi transitioning to middle school, and now she’s all done with her first year there. And since our middle school is only 7th and 8th grades, next year will already be her last year of middle school! Then Hannah will head over to the middle school, at the same time Abbi will be starting at the high school… Wow. At least I still have several years left of elementary school with Becca – she just finished up second grade.

LastDayOfSchool2014 009

This school year was a very good one in almost every way. Abbi did extremely well in 7th grade, with all A’s and B’s the whole year. If we can get her just a tiny bit more organized about her assignments next year, there’s absolutely no reason she can’t bring home all A’s. She tested into the ‘advanced’ math option for next year – Algebra, instead of regular 8th grade pre-Algebra, so that’s very exciting. She’ll continue on in 8th grade band (with the clarinet) and is excited to be able to do choir again next year as well. She’s got plenty of friends and feels very comfortable at school, which is great to see. I was worried about how she would do with 7 different classes, 7 different teachers and 6 class switches every day, but she handled all of that like a pro.

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Hannah continues to make school look easy, as she pulled in almost all A’s in 5th grade (one B in math in the first trimester, which she brought back up to an A- for the second and third trimesters). Considering that she’s a grade level ahead in math to begin with, that’s pretty impressive. Next year she’ll be bused to either the middle or high school for advanced math. She also did very well in the IMAGE (gifted) program this year again and got to work on some fun projects. She’s looking very forward to the challenges that 6th grade IMAGE will bring next school year. Hannah also led her grade (again) in total number of AR (Accelerated Reader) points all school year too – she constantly has a book in her hand, the same way I always did. But unlike me as a kid, Hannah has plenty of friends and a very active social life, which I attribute to the fact that we held her back that extra year by putting her in Young Fives when instead of Kindergarten when she was 4. Her fifth grade friends are a great group of girls, so I’m happy that we didn’t push her ahead a grade.

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Becca is very bright and always gets over 90% on her math and spelling quizzes. She struggles with organization and in standardized testing though, so we will be looking for ways to help her there. When she slows down and does her work carefully, she does a great job – it’s a matter of getting her to slow down, pay attention and be careful. I swear her mind goes at 80mph and the rest of her just can’t keep up! She was put into speech halfway through the school year and we’re already noticing a difference in her S and Z sounds, so hopefully that will continue to help her be better understood by her teachers and peers next year too. She also reads a lot – it’s wonderful to see all three of my girls enjoying books as much as I always have.

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Next year will bring few big changes – Abbi will still be at the middle school, in 8th grade. Hannah will be in 6th grade, in her last year of elementary school (she’ll be at the middle school for ‘zero hour’ in the early morning for 6th grade band and choir every day, plus later in the day for math). And Becca will be in 3rd grade. Our elementary school has some big changes itself though – we said goodbye to our long-time principal this spring and will be welcoming a brand-new principal in the fall. And construction began on the school in March for renovation and improvements to the main entrance and main office, to improve security at the school (this is being done at all of the elementary schools in the district). It’ll be exciting to see what these changes will bring when school starts in September.

This past school year was the first one where I had kids in more than one school, and next school year will be the last one with kids in only two schools for quite some time. Once Abbi starts high school in the fall of 2015, Hannah will be in middle school and the three of them will each be in separate schools for two years until Hannah’s freshman year in high school in 2017. I’ll never have all three of them in the same school at the same time again, as Abbi will have long since graduated high school before Becca starts there.

Each school year brings new excitement and fun challenges, so it’ll be interesting for sure to see where 2014-2015 will take us!