Shaking things up a bit…

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Hello? Is this thing on?

Yes, it’s been a while. And I don’t really have a good excuse except for, well – life.

Life as a busy parent to three teenagers – which, by the way, WHEN did that happen?

Life definitely gets away from us at times, doesn’t it…

I’ve gone back and forth and around about what to do with this site. I don’t want to stop blogging/writing pe se. I just need to re-evaluate and revamp a bit.

For example, while ‘Mom of 3 Girls’ has worked fine for the past (gulp) almost 12 years that I’ve been blogging, it’s not fully descriptive of who I am anymore. Nor is it completely accurate.

For a while I figured that if I had to change my blog name it would be through the addition of another child in our family. And while that’s not the case (and won’t be), some other things have changed.

Most notably, our oldest child came out in 2018 as ‘agender’. Which means not identifying with either gender and using they/them pronouns. So while I am still a mom to 3 kids, only two of them identify as female. So yes, Mom of 3 Girls – not so much.

I’m kicking around name ideas, but for now we’ll go with From Deb’s Desk… as a placeholder. Or who knows, maybe it’ll stick around for another dozen years or so.

My thoughts about content here are varied as well. I no longer have young kids to share funny stories about. I have teenagers who aren’t always ok with me posting about them. And I’m looking at ways to identify myself as more than ‘just’ a mom anyway. Because I am MORE than just a mom. One big reason to put my actual name in the title here. 🙂

So far I’m thinking that posts about family are still important, just not all encompassing. And I have other topics on my mind as well. Kind of a daily mix, perhaps. And since I like planning and schedules, I’m looking at:

  • Mondays – posting about family
  • Tuesdays – posting about crafts (knitting, sewing, photography)
  • Wednesdays – posting about health and exercise.
  • Thursdays – posting internal reflections or other personal topics of interest.
  • Friday – Wild Card. Depends on if I have something extra to share about any of the earlier topics or something completely different.
  • Weekends – those will be my non-posting, time to live life and share with family days.

I’m not interested in making things overly shiny and pretty or utilizing the best new blogging practices. Some posts may have photos in them. Some won’t. I’m not seeking to work with companies or brands but may include a review here or there if it’s a good fit overall and only if I have something worthwhile to say. As always, this site is my honest thoughts and opinions, nothing else. So, we’ll see how this goes and where things take us.

Stay tuned for more to come, starting with a crafty Tuesday post tomorrow.