Snowed In

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After the world’s longest winter break, my kids finally went back to school today.

Ok, so it wasn’t really the longest winter break ever – but it was three days longer than it was supposed to be, and by yesterday it was feeling like the kids were never going to go back.

Getting everyone out the door this morning was an interesting challenge as we worked to remember where lunchboxes were and what had to go into backpacks – having had an ‘ice’ day the Friday before break began, we weren’t as organized going into the two weeks off as we would normally have been.

Christmas 2013 016

We did have a really nice holiday break though. Lots of time with family and friends, relaxing, shopping, baking and enjoying the holidays. We saw the movie ‘Frozen’ twice as a family (Hannah and I have now seen it three times!) and the girls still listen to the soundtrack daily – they have all of the songs totally memorized now. Let’s see, what else… We baked lots of cookies, did crafts, and the girls played outside in the snow. Did I mention we have snow? Lots of snow…


With a December that was the 7th snowiest on record for the Grand Rapids area (it snowed for 23 of the 31 days), there was definitely plenty of the white stuff on the ground. And then we got hit with the polar freeze over the past few days that dumped even more snow on the ground along with single digit temps and sub-zero wind chills. Definitely not weather for playing outside! The kids had an extra two days off from school on this end of winter break, which we spent snuggled into the house with books, movies, electronics and the most recent season of ‘The Sing-Off’. Yesterday Abbi had a friend over and the kids all played downstairs in the basement for the entire day, which was very nice for me since there are no snow days when you work from home. 😉


The roads are still terrible – I’ve only ventured out a few times this week and only when absolutely necessary. I took Abbi to the orthodontist yesterday (she gets braces next week) and I made an emergency Walgreens run today for some very necessary feminine essentials (me plus two pre-teen girls in the house means that we’re suddenly keeping feminine product companies in business practically by ourselves, lol). And we braved the roads to go out for dinner tonight, mainly just because we really had to get out. Or at least I did. Although it was nice to have the house to myself finally today so I could concentrate and get a lot of work done.


Today brought temperatures in the teens, which felt like a heat wave – and I hear we may actually be above freezing this weekend. Today we saw the sun for a little while, which was wonderful – we don’t get much blue sky here during the winter. I think it may actually be getting warm enough tomorrow to where the road salt can start working again, at which point the roads will become drivable again and we’ll be able to venture out on a whim again.


I know there are a lot of things worse than some enforced time at home with my family and I’m just glad that we have a warm, cozy house to keep the winter winds and chill at bay.

And hot chocolate with colored marshmallows, which is the perfect thing to drink as you watch through the window as the snow blows sideways while it falls. 🙂