So…. how’d it go??

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They set off in the morning, bright-eyed and anxious about what the new school year would bring. At the bus stop, we realized for the first time that the five kids who wait there every morning are ‘stair steps’ – with one kid in every grade from first to fifth. Which doesn’t really mean anything in particular, but we thought it was kind of cool, lol.


Excited to see their friends again, they climbed aboard without a backward glance and were off, leaving their little sister and me behind.


I think the hardest thing for me to get adjusted to this year is not having Hannah getting off of the kindergarten bus at lunchtime. It’s been a bit sad to watch the bus go by and stop next door instead. Becca misses having her sister home to eat with too – but I must say that it’s also nice to be able to go out during the day and not have to worry about being home to meet that bus at noon.

Instead, both of my girls climbed off the bus that first afternoon – not quite as fresh in appearance as they were in the morning, and not bouncing nearly as much.


They were also slightly lighter on belongings – Abby had left her lunchbox on the bus. She also had forgotten to bring her folder with all the beginning of school paperwork home.




Kristi asked me if the girls were tired when they got home that afternoon. The short answer? No, not really – I think they were still operating on adrenaline and the excitement of it being the first day. And they both were raving about how much they liked school.


But as you can see – they were each in a different kind of mood after they came home – at least when I tried to get them to pose together for an ‘after school’ photo…


I think this picture sums up Abby and Hannah’s personalities better than almost any words I could ever write.  😉