So I thought I’d take a little ‘nap’ last night…

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Have you ever had one of those nights where you just feel exhausted? I had a whole bunch of things that I meant to get done last night. Thankfully I did get to the coat/broom closet for my Tuesday Tackle before dinnertime. Because after we put the kids to bed, I lay down on the couch for ‘a few minutes’. I knew I would probably fall asleep because I was so tired. And this happens fairly often – I’ll usually sleep for an hour or two and then get up and deal with the rest of my evening.

Not so last night.

I know I fell asleep just a few minutes after 8pm because of how much of America’s Got Talent I remember seeing. I don’t remember anything after that until my eyes flew open and I groggily looked at the digital clock on the dvr in our now-pitch-black living room. After blinking a couple of times I realized that the blurry time on the clock did actually say 2:30. I slept for over 6 hours!

That’s as long or longer than I sleep at night usually.

Ron had apparently gone to bed without waking me up – or maybe he did try. I forgot to ask him this morning, but he has tried in the past and then given up when I seem unwilling to wake up.

So much for getting anything else done… I did go to bed but ended up watching HGTV for over an hour since I couldn’t (imagine that) fall back asleep. And when I did finally fall back asleep, I had very strange dreams about moving into a new house (hmmm, did I mention I’d been watching HGTV? LOL). And I woke up this morning just feeling – odd. I don’t know if it was too much sleep, or sleep that was too broken up. I just now at lunchtime am finally feeling back to myself.

So no lying on the couch tonight – I have way too many things to do!