Sometimes life is like a Backyardigans episode

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Well, I dropped Mom back off at the bus station this morning. She should be home by now. We had a really nice weekend and the girls got to play with Grandma quite a bit. After completely messing up my sleep schedule (again, but who’s counting!) yesterday by falling asleep after I posted about our lazy day, I was up until 2am watching episodes of Psych, The 4400 and Design Star off of our dvr since I’d missed them over the weekend. So far I actually am not nearly as tired as I thought I would be – we’ll have to see how things go tonight when we get home. I need to make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight though or I’ll be feeling it by the end of the week. Oh yeah.

Here are two cute stories from the weekend. Becca’s picking up words like crazy right now (‘book’ and ‘shoes’ are her most recent ones) but her favorites are still ‘no’ and ‘mine’, of course. And ‘no’ is one that she uses a lot. Feeding her is currently a process of elimination as she’ll shake her little head with an emphatic, “No!” whenever we offer her something that she has decided is not what she currently wants. I’m reminded somewhat of the ‘Volcano Sisters’ Backyardigans episode where Uniqua and Tasha keep demanding of poor Tyrone, Pablo and Austin to, “give us what we want!”. Yes, I’ve watched too much Backyardigans – that probably goes without saying. And so have you if you know which episode I’m talking about! Bonus points if you can sing any of the songs from said episode. Huge bonus points if you can sing them all. 😉

Ok, so the other thing that Becca’s been practicing, over and over again, for the past couple of weeks is trying to put on clothes. Not just her own – she’ll pick up any article of clothing she sees, whether hers, the older girls’, or even doll clothing, and try to put it on – usually with pretty hilarious results (I’ve got pictures but they’re still on the camera, darn it!). She really hadn’t managed to get any item of clothing actually on correctly.

Well on Saturday morning, my mom let me sleep in a bit after the girls got up. I finally was awakened by a little whirlwind of a toddler who discovered that Mommy was actually in the house and furthermore in her room and even in her bed. Mom told me that when Becca had first woken up, she had gone into her room to get Becca out of her crib. Becca took one look at this woman who she hadn’t seen recently enough to really recognize as “Grandma” yet, and said “NO!!”. And played in her crib for a half hour until she finally decided that life would not end if Grandma got her out of bed instead of Mommy or Daddy. I think she just got bored and heard Abby and Hannah having tons of fun with Grandma. But once she found that I was actually home, I got alternately hugged and ‘yelled at’ by an 18-month old. Silly girl.

Later that same morning, Becca finally found an article of clothing that she actually put on correctly all by herself. I was quite proud of her, even as I grabbed her and reclaimed the piece of clothing which she had managed to swipe from one of my drawers.

Yes, she had put on a pair of my (clean!) underwear, over her clothes. I have no pictures of this feat.

Enough said.