(Sorta) Wordless Wednesday – A successful job of pleading their case…

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I mean, really – how could I resist these faces?

GirlsBeggingForKitten I couldn’t, right? And besides, there was one more little face that was just impossible to ignore…

MaddieKitten 002

And so we brought 9-week-old Maddie home to join our family.

GirlsWithMaddieAtStore Tessa is intrigued and amused by the new addition…

Maddie&Tessa 001 Who in turn, is extremely intrigued by such things as laundry, dog toys, random scraps of paper – and oh yes, my laptop.

MaddieOnLaptop 004 She seems to think that my computer is a cat toy (or bed) and so the two of us have had a few disagreements over custody of said laptop keyboard.

MaddieOnLaptop 007

Kitten-1, Mom-0. But who do you think won the rematch? Since you’re reading this post, you can probably guess. Although I do have a very interested little (purring) face watching every move the cursor makes.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute! And a little sweetheart too. Most of the time. 🙂

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