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iPhone 018I’ve come to realize that summer ‘vacation’ is a misnomer – at least when it comes to parents. Between summer programs, play dates, appointments and sleepovers – so far my summer has been taken up by juggling both chauffeuring and work duties.

This year is a bit different in that we have Hannah’s appointments to contend with as well as the usual summer programs and such – she’s still doing physical therapy twice a week, plus in the first week after school ended she had follow-up appointments with both surgeons, and last week was her first set of follow-up scans. We’ll find out this week how those came out – fingers are crossed that everything remains clear.

iPhone 003It’s crazy how much has changed in one year – at this time last year, Ron was working in North Carolina for the summer, and I was on my own with the girls. It’s great to have him home this summer – he’s already finishing up several of the outdoor projects that he’d started last year in the yard but never had a chance to complete, and also was able to work with Becca and get her finally riding her bike without training wheels. Once she gets a bit more confident (especially in starting and stopping on her own), I’m looking forward to finally being able to take some family bike rides. 🙂

This summer is a bit different in other ways as well – Abbi is officially a middle-schooler now (our middle school is 7th & 8th grades) and has outgrown most of the summer activities that we’ve done in past years, including the (free) playground iPhone 006program at our school. Hannah and Becca can still go, but trying to keep Abbi occupied (at least without the ‘help’ of electronics) is not easy. I don’t know if there are any ‘teen’ types of summer programs out there, but I haven’t been able to find much so far. And although I’d love to send her to some summer camp programs, we just can’t afford it this year.

Working full-time from home is both a blessing and a challenge – I’m so thankful that my job is flexible enough that I can balance it with driving the kids all over. But making sure to have plenty of uninterrupted work time is sometimes difficult to manage, especially iPhone 002when the kids want me to watch them do this, or help them with that. We’re all getting used to it though – and I can fit in lots of work time in the evenings when I need to.

One thing hasn’t changed though – and that’s how much fun the girls have playing and being creative together. Plus it’s so wonderful for them to have friends in the neighborhood that they can play with too. We’re only a few weeks into summer vacation so far – and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of it. 🙂