Tackle It Tuesday #65 – Knitting lessons

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Last year I bought Abby a kid-oriented knitting kit, because she’d seen me start to knit and was begging for me to teach her.

We sat down on the couch and after about 5 minutes I realized two things.

I knit left-handed.  Abby is right-handed.

And I am NOT the patient kind of teacher that Abby needs for this kind of thing.

And so, the knitting kit sat on the closet shelf. Abby still begged, but I put her off by teaching her first to finger crochet – and then when making finger chains of necklaces and bracelets became too boring, I bought a spool for French knitting and taught her to do that. In typical Abby form, she knit and knit – and knit. Until she lost interest because she’d mastered it and it also became too boring.

Last week, I started a knitting class of my own – it’s a year-long “Block of the Month” class where we’ll learn new stitches and knit either one or two blocks every month until December, when we’ll put them all together into an afghan. It’s a great way to learn more about knitting, and hopefully also a good way to meet people with a common interest.

I’m working on my first square – so far it’s starting to take shape a bit…


This particular square is shown on the front of the book, right below my ball of yarn and square-in-progress. It’s not an easy pattern, but so far I’m having a lot of fun with it.

And Abby’s interest in (and begging for) knitting lessons has been renewed.

So yesterday I sat down with her and the knitting kit again and showed her the knitting stitch. I even managed to show her how to do it right-handed. And this time, she picked it up rather quickly!


The knitting kit includes two oversized wooden needles and a very soft, thick, chunky multi-colored yarn that’s very easy to use. It’s also very easy to see the individual stitches, so that when she makes mistakes even a novice knitter like myself can figure out where she went wrong and fix it.

Sort of, anyway. I did have to take apart her entire project once because she’d dropped and added so many stitches throughout. But hey, she’s just learning – and as I made sure to let her know, I had to start the square for my class over four times for various reasons before I got the stitches and pattern all figured out.

When Abby is done, she’ll have a very funky, cool-looking scarf that she made entirely by herself. And I know she’ll wear it with pride. She’s already promised to make a scarf for Hannah afterward, and is talking hats as well.

I’m just glad that knitting can be as easy – or as challenging – as she needs it to be, so that this will hopefully keep her occupied for quite a while now that she’s learned the initial stitch.

So my tackle for today will involve getting more done on my own square so that I’ll have it finished in time for next month’s class. And sitting down with Abby after school, as she works further along on her own scarf project.  I’m really excited to have something like this for her and I to do together.

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