Tackling… yep, more leaves

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Well the first thing that I’ve needed to tackle today is actually writing this post, lol. I fell asleep on the couch last night, and that always throws my schedule off.  😉

Raking leaves in the fall is something that I’ve been doing practically my whole life. Our house when I was a kid was in a neighborhood that had once been a wooded area, and there were over a dozen trees in our yard. I remember our backyard being literally carpeted with leaves that we had to wade through knee deep. Every weekend was spent raking and bagging and my poor mom was out there just about every day while we were in school too. Here’s an old picture that gives you the idea:

Our yard here isn’t nearly as covered when autumn comes, but we definitely have our share of leaves as well. And since our five large trees are spread out over the front, side and back yards, we pretty much have to rake – everywhere. I spent every afternoon over the past week outside raking – sometimes with the assistance of a certain little 3-year-old. But her agenda was slightly different than mine – she would rake little piles (with her plastic rake) and then jump in them. Plus she jumped in every pile that I raked – and got a little attitude whenever I started bagging the leaves, thus diminishing the piles.

Our side yard is large since we’re on a corner lot – as big as our backyard is. And even though there’s only one tree in the side yard, leaves blow from all over and end up there. It took me 3 afternoons to get it raked.

This is an ‘in progress’ photo – you can see where I’d already raked versus the area that was still left to do:


And here’s an ‘after’ photo that I’m very proud of:


The backyard was actually easier because I could simply rake everything down the hill and then bag it at the bottom. And by the time I got to the backyard, I realized that (probably due to my childhood raking experience) I actually enjoy raking leaves. It’s been a good way to enjoy the nice weather we’ve had outside, not to mention good exercise and gives me time to think.

The backyard looked like this at the beginning of the week:


And after a couple hours of raking:



Yes, someone had a very good time sliding (and sending her toy trucks) down into the pile of leaves.  🙂

At the end of the week, I felt a big sense of accomplishment every time I looked outside and saw this:


And that’s only about half of the bags that were out there altogether!

Of course, then today it had to be windy outside (not to mention cold!) so our yard is starting to fill up with leaves again, that are blowing here from other yards. Hopefully the weather will hold and the wind will die down so that I can get out my rake and start tackling the leaves some more.


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