Take kidecals Labels Back-to-School to Avoid the Lost-and-Found!

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I’m a regular at our elementary school’s Lost-and-Found bins… Between my two kids who still attend there, I think I rummage through there just about every time I’m on school grounds – and I always find something that’s ours to rescue and bring home with us, whether a lost scarf, stray jacket or once even a single shoe. How does a kid make it home with only one shoe? I have no idea, but trust one of mine to figure it out.

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Generally, I *think* most of our items eventually make their way back to us, but sometimes it takes days or even weeks for things to get to the Lost-and-Found, much less home. At one point several years ago, my oldest managed to lose every single one of her jackets and coats, leaving me no choice but to bundle her up in a sweater on a 40-degree morning and give her strict instructions to, “find one of your coats before you come home, no matter what!”. And last year, my (then) second grader came home without a lunchbox on more days than she returned with it in-hand.

Keeping my kids’ stuff clearly labeled with their names is therefore pretty much a necessity. And I usually take a permanent marker to everything, but over the years I’ve come to realize that 1) even permanent marker wears off over time and 2) unless the name really stands out, it’s not always seen in the 3 seconds that someone glances at a lunchbox or jacket before tossing it in the Lost-and-Found bins. We’ve had name labels for our older girls in the past, but I had run out of all labels for my youngest quite some time ago. Which is why I was thrilled when kidecals contacted me about trying out their versatile, personalized labels.

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kidecals offers a wide variety of labels in various shapes, sizes, styles and packs, to meet whatever your needs are. When I went to pick out a design that my 8-year-old would like, I had so many to choose from that it was very hard to decide. I ended up going with round labels, because they tend to fit in smaller spaces, I’ve found – and I picked a nice bright design that really stands out.

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The kidecals labels are said to be heat, cold and water resistant – which makes them stick through just about anything, including the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. I know that we’ll be putting this to the test, as I’ve now stuck labels on all of Becca’s jackets, her backpack, each of her school supplies and yes, inside all of her shoes. We’ll be testing them out during our snowy Michigan winter in a few months too – I plan to label her winter coat, inside her boots, and all of her mittens and hats. Yes, she has several hats and pairs of mittens – I only hope that the bright kidecals labels will help them from getting lost as often as they did last year. I swear this kid would leave her head behind if it wasn’t attached to her body, lol!

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One thing that I really like about kidecals’ labels is that you get two lines to personalize. For Becca’s labels, I went with her first name on the top line and my cell phone number on the second line, in much smaller type. I want to be able to use them to label her Nintendo DS, camera and other electronics too, so having a way to contact me if someone finds a lost item seemed like a great idea, even if it is somewhat overkill for say, a box of crayons or notebook. But I also like that the labels also can act as a reminder to Becca of what my cell phone number is – it’s not a number that she has memorized (she does know our home phone number). I made sure to stick the labels where they aren’t immediately visible (so they don’t advertise her name and contact information to anyone at a casual glance) but in a logical spot where someone picking up a stray backpack or coat would think to look.

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Something kidecals offers that I haven’t seen elsewhere are their keyboard stickers. There is a crazy variety of options available – in everything from rainbow colors to stickers that form a bicycle design over your keyboard keys or even an American flag. Or some funky geometric shapes that I know my oldest daughter would go crazy over. They are removable, but only available for 13″ and 15″ Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and bluetooth keyboards. So we PC users are out of luck – at least for now. If you have a compatible Mac, you can get a set of keyboard stickers from kidecals for $16.

A Mega set of kidecals labels (includes both 2” and 1” labels) costs $28 – if you don’t need as many (or don’t need the larger size), you can get an Everyday or Mini set for $21. They also have value packs of multiple sizes and shapes if you want a greater number or variety than the other packs offer. And, kidecals has some really great deals that you don’t commonly find around the web – their regular shipping is always free, no matter how much (or how little) you buy (USPS 2-5 day first class). And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get 15% off your next order. Our labels shipped and arrived quickly – in plenty of time for me to get almost everything Becca owns ready to go for school to start next week.

Ready, set, stick!