The first day back

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IMG_6714Yawn, whine, rub sleepy eyes, run for the bus stop…

That’s what the first morning back to school after a 2-week break entails. Complaining kids who are tired and cranky and don’t want to get up – plus a tired mom who feels the same way but knows it’ll get easier after the first few days of adjustment.

Trying to remember what has to get done, what needs to go in lunches and backpacks, and navigating around a house that’s not only filled with the usual after-break mess, but piled high with dishes since we’re operating on manual labor for dishwashing at the moment and nothing’s getting washed in a timely manner lately.

But then… ah. A quiet house as I get my shower and take a few minutes to get myself ready for work. Oh the silence, how I’ve missed you… As much as I love every moment spent with kids and family, there’s nothing like those few minutes to yourself whenever you can snatch them.

Way before I’m ready to give up my quiet alone time, I have to head out myself. Poor Tessa looks up at me with sad eyes – she’s gotten used to having people home all day and the quiet isn’t so exciting for a small doggie who loves her kids and big people. No belly rubs until lunchtime, poor thing. 😉

Back to the hectic routine of real life… Filled with a lot of yawns and an early bedtime tonight. For all of us. 🙂