The new definition of “busy”

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2013-09-07T16-16-49_1I remember back to when each of the girls was born and thinking how wonderful it was to have this new little person joining our family. Visions of sweet baby kisses and smiles filled my mind – but what I did not think about back then was that each of those tiny little babies would grow up into a kid, with a social life, activities, school functions and oh yes – an attitude.

Not that I’m complaining – I love watching the girls grow and become excited to learn and try new things. And I really do have a lot of fun becoming involved in their activities as much as I can. I don’t even mind the chauffeuring duties – most of the time. 😉 This year seems to be bringing a whole new level of activities and commitments though, which is taking some adjustment and getting used to.

Now I totally get not wanting to overschedule kids. And I think we’ve done a pretty good job with that so far. The girls all play soccer for 6 weeks in the fall and in the spring. Abbi and Hannah belong to a masonic youth group for girls that meets two evenings a month during the school year. We’ve done weekly church activities in the past, although lately that’s dropped off as we’ve gotten busier. Abbi and then Hannah have done Girls on the Run in the spring. Some of the activities have overlapped, but then there are months where they’ve got almost nothing extra-curricular going on.

iPhone 001One of the big things about Abbi being in the middle school now is the amount of clubs and teams that are now available to her. She plans to play on the middle school soccer team in the spring (which would replace AYSO for her since at this age group AYSO is fall-only). She also is extremely excited about being able to join several of the school clubs. I love seeing her so excited and hate to squash any of that.

Plus Hannah has decided that she wants to do a new after-school activity at school too And both she and Becca have expressed interest in wanting to do Girl Scouts. And both of them have mentioned wanting to try playing softball in the spring, along with soccer. Hannah would also love to try out swim team. We’re also having to deal with other back-to-school and fall-only commitments, such as back-to-school nights, soccer pictures, our school’s family BBQ, plus dentist appointments and Hannah’s latest round of tests.

I keep waiting for ‘things to settle down’ as they always have seemed to in the past once school’s been in session for a few weeks. I know we’ll get there once I get used to this new level of activity and ‘busy-ness’. I need to re-organize, based on everything we have going on and get us all into a good routine – so that we can let the girls sign up for (some of) the things they want to do, within reason. And I will do all of that. Being busy isn’t a bad thing, after all. It certainly beats the girls sitting around and complaining about being bored.

And then, of course – we’ll see what happens in another couple of years, when Abbi hits high school and Hannah’s in the middle school. Having the kids in three different schools will probably add yet another whole new dimension to being ‘busy’!