The view from my window

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It was six years ago, almost to the day, when we moved into this house. I can always remember the time of year – because of what I see from my kitchen window.


During the spring and summertime, we only get a glimpse of the lake waters through the leaf-filled branches of the trees in our and our neighbor’s backyards. And for most of the winter, the lake is frozen and snow-covered – which is pretty in its own right, but just not quite the same.


No, it’s in November usually, in the brief weeks between leaf and snow fall, that I happen to glance out of the kitchen window one day and suddenly realize that I can see all the way across the lake. And then I remember that this is the view that I first saw from the window when we came to live here.


And I drink up my fill of the sight enough to last me until next fall.

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