Throwback Thursday – lazy summer lake days

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Since I’ve finally started my photo album scanning project, I can start participating in Throwback Thursday over at Pinks and Blue Girls! So, in honor of summertime, here are a few photos of me at “the lake”. I think I’m maybe 3 or 4 years old in this first one and I loved this ‘monster’ floaty, LOL.

This was the boat that we had the entire time I was growing up. This was the most awesome boat and I really, really, really miss it. In this picture, my dad is driving and my brother and I are in the front (bow) seats.

Now this next one makes me just want to ditch work and head to the water because it looks so nice and cool and it’s so darn hot out here right now, LOL. I really wish I’d labeled the photos in the albums better by date they were taken because I have no idea how old I was in any of these.

And here I am jumping off the raft. You can see my brother ‘swimming’ as well.