Tooth-watch 2009

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Or maybe that should be loose tooth-watch…

At the moment the standings are:

Abby = 6 teeth lost, none loose
Hannah = 4 teeth lost, 2 loose

See – it’s neck-and-neck at the moment.

Our current entertainment is watching Hannah’s sole remaining top front tooth get looser and looser and convincing her to let us tug on it.  All while the stubborn tooth holds on and has shifted to practically the center of her mouth.

She hasn’t been letting us get many pictures of it either, but I’ve managed to sneak a few – either when she got careless for a second…


Or if she wasn’t thinking about the tooth at the time.


Don’t ask me what the Christmas ornament and Quincy from Little Einsteins have in common, but we probably won’t be seeing this particular smile for much longer.


Ron calls her ‘Toothless’ but my particular nickname for her at the moment is ‘One Fang’.  🙂

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek