We’re meeting #Crayola’s new Pop Art Pixies this weekend in NYC!

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It’s kind of strange actually, here I’d spent most of my life never having had visited the Big Apple (other than one long-ago afternoon spent almost entirely driving around), and this year I end up there not once, not even twice – but three times. I’m not complaining though – far from it, as I’ve fallen in love with the city over my days spent there this past summer. And I’m thrilled to be going back again for a 3-day weekend tomorrow. And even more thrilled, because my two older daughters will be joining me this time!

We have been invited to an event with Crayola, to learn all about their new Pop Art Pixies site and craft products for tweens, and to ‘meet’ the pixies themselves! My oldest daughter is 9-1/2 and my middle daughter will turn 8 in just over a week. They both love arts and crafts, and as a family we’re already huge fans of Crayola products – I don’t buy any other kinds of crayons or markers for my kids to use.

This will be the first time in their memories that my girls have flown – the last time was when they were about 3 and 18 months old respectively. I’ve never traveled with older kids, so am looking very forward to sharing the whole experience with them – from going through security, waiting at the gate, boarding, take-off, landing, de-planing, the whole bit. And the girls’ excitement levels are through the roof. First, they get to fly on an airplane (four really, if you count connections for both there and back). They get to visit New York City – someplace they’ve heard all about and seen my pictures of already. And on top of all that, they will get to have a fun NYC adventure with top-secret destinations, do arts and crafts, meet other girls around their ages, and spent some good quality time with Mom. We can’t wait to see what Crayola has in store for us!

We’ve already been shopping – both girls picked out new outfits from Target for the occasion, thanks to Crayola and Coyne PR. They had so much fun shopping and can’t wait to show off their new looks (you can see a sneak peek on Flickr). And the girls spent time this week making Pop Art Pixies shadow boxes to bring with us on our trip as well. They had so much fun painting and decorating their boxes!

PopArtPixiesShadowBoxes_021 PopArtPixiesShadowBoxes_020

PopArtPixiesShadowBoxes_007 PopArtPixiesShadowBoxes_015



We can’t wait to find out everything else that we’ll be doing while at the Crayola event – we leave Friday afternoon and return home on Sunday. The girls will miss a day of school, but the experiences they’ll get from this trip will be well worth it. Both of them have already picked out notebooks to write in about their travels and I’m sure they’ll have a lot to fill the pages with before we get home.

I’ll be updating on Twitter, Facebook and Whrrl during the trip if you want to follow us! And watch my Flickr stream for photos as well. Just watch for the hashtag #crayola, and you can follow all of the fun not just with us but with the other bloggers and their daughters too!  🙂

This post courtesy of: Crayola and Coyne PR, who invited us to the event, is covering all of our travel accommodations, and provided gift cards for shopping and incidentals, as well as samples of the products to try. All opinions given here are solely my own or those of my family.