What grandparents and South American jungle birds have in common

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Today is an important day for Hannah. One that she’s been looking forward to for a while now.

Special Person’s Day

All of the first graders were asked to invite a ‘Special Person’ (or two) to visit them at school. It could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or such. The only restrictions were ‘no parents’ and ‘no kids’.

I was hoping and keeping fingers crossed that we could find someone who could be Hannah’s ‘Special Person’, especially since I ended up breaking the ‘no parents’ rule back when Abby was in first grade. We couldn’t find anyone else who could make it back then, but thankfully Ron’s mom is able to attend with Hannah today.

The whole first grade puts on a musical concert for Special Persons Day and each child gets to share refreshments with his or her ‘Special Person’. And, they get to show off their animal project.

The animal projects involved both a simple written report, and an actual – project.  Hannah’s animal was the scarlet macaw, which surprised me. When I asked Hannah why she chose it, she replied that she already knows a lot about dogs and horses so wanted to choose an animal that she didn’t know much about.

That, impressed me – especially coming from a 7-year-old drama queen. I think there may be a bit more to the story, but am choosing to take it at face value and be very proud of her.  🙂

Hannah threw herself into this project and came up with and executed the concept almost entirely on her own. She wanted to make a diorama and sculpt an ‘actual’ scarlet macaw out of play-doh to put in it. So I dutifully went off to the store to find the requisite colors of play-doh.

HannahsScarletMacawProject_003 HannahsScarletMacawProject_001

Apparently you must wear a feather boa when sculpting a play-doh bird. I think it’s like a rule or something.  😉

After a little bit of head-scratching on how to make sure the play-doh stuck to the cardboard, I found some crafters adhesive I’d bought a while back for something else. It was supposed to dry clear – but didn’t quite. Still, I think the final result came out very well – and Hannah did an awesome job with it.


Oh, and apparently super glue works on play-doh, as I discovered the ‘hard way’. We had an unfortunate foot accident, but I was able to piece things back together almost perfectly.  Phew!


Just pretend that the trees and flowers are WAY behind the macaw, ok? That’s what happens when you make your macaw before finding out your options for diorama-sized boxes in the house. As far as I know there are no giant scarlet macaws in the South American jungle.

I think.  😉

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