Three girls. Three pumpkins. And one Daddy to carve them.

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This year, for the first time in quite a while, we actually had gotten pumpkins well before Halloween. Which has given us ample time in order to get them carved, unlike previous years when I’ve dashed out on Halloween Eve in search of anyplace that still has pumpkins left, and then Ron has hurriedly scooped and carved them out with the girls.

Nope, this year we were prepared. And with Ron being home all week due to his back issue, we even had time in the afternoon once Abby came home from school.

The girls were just a little bit excited to finally get to carve faces into the pumpkins they’d been staring at on the front porch for weeks now…


It was interesting to see the differences in how each of the girls approached the whole ‘cleaning out of the pumpkin’ process.

Abby, for example, was more than happy to dig her hand right in there and get all gooey – at least for a while. She did ask for a spoon at one point, and then Ron ended up finishing hers after she tired of scooping out pumpkin guts and seeds. She was, however, extremely excited about the idea of saving several seeds to plant in our yard so we could have our own pumpkin patch next year. We’ll see if they make it until spring (doubtful).


If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post a couple of days ago, you’ll have a general idea of Hannah’s whole feeling on pumpkin scooping. She hated the smell, the feel, and wouldn’t even touch pumpkin insides, period. Except when Ron made her, that is.

Becca was quite satisfied to try scooping out her little pumpkin, but after a few minutes without successfully removing any guts, I took over.


Then once all of the pumpkins were gutted, Ron took over to create customized faces to everyone’s order…

First Hannah’s pumpkin (notice the curious kitty in the background?):



Then Abby’s…



And lastly, Becca’s. She was extremely curious about the whole process and kept climbing up onto the table itself to get a closer look.



They are each quite proud of their Jack-O-Lantern faces – and can’t wait to see them all lit up on Halloween!


Ron has since carved his own pumpkin, but my poor one may end up faceless at this rate. I got my fill of scooping pumpkin guts already… 😉