Works for me Wednesday #3 – Morning schedule

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With kids who aren’t able to tell time yet, I fell by accident on the way that we (try to) keep everyone on schedule on the mornings when we’re all rushing around to get ready for school, work and daycare.

In general, our kids don’t watch a ton of tv. Especially not on the weekdays since we’re busy with other things in the evenings and I know they don’t watch a whole lot at daycare. The one time that we do generally turn the television on however, is in the mad, crazy rush of the mornings. It keeps the girls occupied and they usually spend a few minutes snuggling with Ron in the recliner – also nice since they usually don’t see him for the rest of the day.

The Disney Channel shows The Wiggles from 7:00 am until 7:25 am (or thereabouts) – here in Michigan, anyway. The girls aren’t into the Wiggles much anymore, but they do enjoy sitting and watching every morning after they’re done with getting dressed and eating breakfast. I’m usually rushing around, trying to get myself and Becca ready, and do everything that I couldn’t prepare (or forgot) the evening before. I can’t always keep an eye on the clock and the girls don’t tell time much yet anyway. But I realized that there’s another way to let them know when it’s time to leave.

When the Wiggles ends, the Disney Channel puts on This is Daniel Cook – a little 5-minute or so sketch. The rule is that if the girls want to watch that, they have to run and get their shoes (and coats if needed) and bring them back into the living room to put on, or the tv goes off. And once Daniel Cook is over, it’s time to start getting backpacks and lunchbox and getting everyone outside to leave. If Higglytown Heroes comes on then we know we’re running late. Of course, we tend to run late a lot – but at least we know we’re late and the girls know they’re supposed to be hurrying. Whether they actually do hurry or not – that’s for another post!

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