Yes, there is something wrong with this picture…

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Can you see what it is?  Obviously both Abby and Hannah are smiling and happy…


Here’s a hint – obviously Abby’s shirt doesn’t match her pajama pants, and Hannah’s pajama shirt doesn’t match her pajama pants.

See it yet?

The other day when we were at Target, I took a quick look through the clearance racks in the girls section. They had these Camp Rock pajamas on clearance for only $4.48 or something like that, so I grabbed a pair for Hannah, who wears a medium. They didn’t have any larges, so I told Abby that unfortunately I couldn’t get a pair for her.

Well, when Hannah got ready for bed and wanted to wear her new pj’s, I said sure. And when she started complaining that the pants were too big, I didn’t think much of it until I took a look at her and realized that they really were WAY too big to be mediums.

Yep, the pants are a size large.

At first I was going to try to go back and exchange them for the correct size – but there were no shirts in size large when we were there the other day, and at that price I have the feeling there won’t be any sets left at all by the time I’d make it back.

So Abby ends up with a pair of Camp Rock pajama pants and Hannah gets a Camp Rock pajama shirt that she can wear with this pair of blue polar bear pajama pants whose shirt disappeared a while ago.

True, they don’t match. But they’re just pajamas after all.

Pajamas for one of the girls for only $4.48 is a great deal. And pajamas for both girls for only $4.48?  A pretty good buy, I’d say.  🙂

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