You know it’s going to be a rough morning when…

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Well you definitely know it’s going to be a rough one when your day starts at 3:30am when you’re awakened by the little girl standing at your bedside saying, “Mommy, I threw up in my bed!”.

Uh-oh. That’s never a good thing to hear, especially not at 3:30am.

Said child (Hannah) then climbed in bed with me – uh, nope – go see Daddy so I can go check out your bed.

Yes, she had thrown up. A lot. So I gathered up the sheets and blankies and trudged downstairs to put everything in the wash. Came back upstairs, crawled back in bed and back to sleep.

I did hear Ron get up and leave for work at 7am. At 8:30, I was awakened by another little girl climbing into my bed saying, “Mommy, can I go into Becca’s room? She’s awake.” Well yes, I could hear her so sure, go ahead. About a minute later, Abby came back, “Mommy, Becca did something in her bed!”.

Uh-oh. Um, did she throw up?

Yep. Not only that, but a rather messy, leaky diaper explosion as well. Oh what a lovely start to my day. I did mention that Ron was at work, right?

Ok, so I got up, grabbed Becca out of bed and stipped her down. Cleaned her up somewhat and put a new diaper on. Put her down on the floor so I could go help Abby get breakfast in the kitchen. Hannah disappeared into the bathroom and 2 seconds later starts screaming for me to help her.

Uh-oh. Yes, now the diarrhea has hit her too. Thankfully she was still in her pull-up but it’s still a mess. So, I threw Hannah in the tub and got her cleaned up and added her jammies to the pile of messy things in Becca’s crib that I hadn’t been able to deal with yet. Suggested (strongly) that Hannah might want to wear a pull-up today, just in case.

Corralled Becca and got her into the tub. She had a bath last night, so this is the 2nd one in the past 12 hours or so. Got her dressed.

Ok, so stomach stuff means the BRAT diet. Threw out the rest of the bananas yesterday. No rice either. Only have strawberry applesauce that Hannah doesn’t like and giving it to Becca would mean a 3rd bath since she won’t let us feed her anymore and is not very good with a spoon herself yet. That left toast. Guess what we all had for breakfast? LOL

Hannah went downstairs to the basement after breakfast and Becca followed her down the stairs. A few minutes later, as I was about to head down too, I heard Becca start screaming.

Uh-oh. This doesn’t sound good.

I got downstairs, picked Becca up and asked Hannah what happened. “Becca jumped off the slide.” This means the little plastic slide that we pulled back out now that Becca’s old enough to play on it. She can climb the 3 steps on the ladder and slide down all by herself. Jumping down probably wouldn’t have occurred to her. Maybe she fell off? I calmed Becca down and then watched as Hannah proceeded to climb the slide, stand at the top and jump off. Oh, so that’s where Becca got the idea from. After firmly explaining to Hannah that she is not ever to do that again, I noticed that Becca’s got a swollen lump under her right eye and a large red mark. So much for the 18-month pictures I was thinking about having taken today.

By noon, I had finally gotten the laundry in the wash and all 3 kids dressed. This is one of those mornings when I actually wish I was at work! I decided I’d try to get my shower in while the kids were eating lunch. Abby toasted herself some waffles, Hannah had toast and jelly, and Becca had more dry toast and some Pedialyte. Abby and Hannah started arguing whose turn it was to pick out the movie for quiet time. I told them to stay upstairs and I was going to take a quick shower. Got everything ready, about to hop in the shower and the bathroom door opens.


Hannah’s crying and saying that Abby pushed her and she hit her head. So I turned off the shower, came out, grabbed Abby and stuck her in a timeout. She is now crying, along with Hannah. Hmm, where did Becca go? I look in the bathroom and there she is, fully clothed, sitting in the tub, soaking wet since I’d just been running the shower. I grabbed her and carried her into her room, shut the shade (since I’m still ‘shower-ready’, LOL), got her into dry clothes and diaper, went back into the kitchen where Abby’s sobbing that it was an accident – fine. Apologize to your sister then both of you calm down – I’m taking a shower!

Um, Calgon? Take me away!!!

So the rest of the day wasn’t actually that bad. Ron got home during nap/quiet time. Nobody has thrown up since (so far) and no more messy diapers or pull-ups. We’ll see how tonight and tomorrow go – Ron’s stomach was iffy after dinner but so far Abby and I are fine. Please let it stay that way! At least Ron doesn’t have to work tomorrow, so I’m leaving any puke or poop duty up to him. I think I deserve the break. 🙂